The Best Cabinet Hardware Jig For Installing New Cabinets Evenly – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Cabinet Hardware JigReplacing cabinets for a home can be a big job, whether you are a professional installing a client’s new cabinets, or you’re attempting to do the job yourself.

Having good equipment to help make sure that the job gets done correctly is an important part of the job.

That is where a cabinet hardware jig comes in handy.

With the right cabinet hardware jig, you can get the placement for each cabinet and drawer perfect each time and save yourself precious time by not having to redo any of them.

Finding the greatest hardware jig can be difficult for some, so we’ve looked at a few highly-rated choices to see which one is the best cabinet hardware jig overall.

True Position Tools TP-1934True Position Tools TP-1934

Weight: 2,35 lbs (1 kg)
Drill guide spacing : 12" (30,4 cm)
Material: Aluminium

Weight: 2,7 lbs (1,2 kg)
Drill guide spacing : 10" (35,4 cm)
Material: Plastic
Ascendons Cabinet Hardware JigASCENDONS Cabinet Hardware Jig

Weight: 1,25 lbs (0,6 kg)
Drill guide spacing : 16" (40,6 cm)
Material: Aluminium & stainless steel

3 Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs (as of July, 2024):

1. True Position Tools TP-1934 Cabinet Hardware Jig – Best For Professional Use Review

True Position Tools TP-1934 Review, Pros and Cons.

This True Position Tools TP-1934 jig is great for professional use because of the heavy-duty build and the quality of the precision tools used.

With this jig, you will be able to install your cabinets and drawers without any unevenness and do so in less time.

Precision Template Included

This cabinet hardware jig includes a precision template that helps you be more precise in each of the holes that you drill. This template you can get the best position for the cabinet hardware each time you install a new one.

True Position Tools TP-1934

Via: @custom_surfacing_associates

Heavy-Duty Build

This cabinet hardware jig is made from a sturdy metal material that keeps it durable and prevents damage. This build also allows you to use this jig for professional jobs where you will have consistent use for multiple jobs.

No Marking Needed

With this hardware jig, you do not need to make any markings on the cabinet or drawer to get the perfect hole.

This jig has an adjustable precision hole mold where you will place your drill through to get the best positioned every time.

Adjustable Settings

This cabinet hardware jig is adjustable and portable so you’re able to take this jig along with you on different jobs at different locations.

Via: @truepositiontools

The hole alignment section can be adjusted with the screw at the bottom to adjust the hole to the correct position for whatever job is at hand.

Main Features

  • Drill Holes With Speed, No Marking Or Clamping
  • Reversible For Repeated Settings
  • Versatile Hinge Plates & Shelf Pin Holes
  • Calibrated to .001″ Square, Precision Guarantee
  • Fully Adjustable – Up to 12” Pulls
  • 38″ C-C with TP-2312 Long Hardware Extensions
  • 32mm Hole Spacing
  • Durable Aircraft Quality Anodized Aluminum
  • 5mm Case Hardened Steel Bushings
  • Measures 12-1/2” Long by 7-7/8” Tall
  • Lifetime Bushing Warranty

  • Made for professional uses
  • Has a precision template
  • Made with heavy-duty materials for durability
  • Pre-drilled hole for precision without marking
  • Jig is adjustable for multiple uses

How To Install Cabinet Hardware (Cabinet Door Handles) with the TP-1934:

2. Kreg KHI-PROMO-19 Cabinet Hardware Jig – Best Alternative For Professional Use Review

Kreg KHI-PROMO-19 Review, Pros and Cons.

This Kreg KHI-PROMO-19 option works as a suitable alternative for our top choice because it is also designed for professional use.

The hardware jig has three jigs in one set and also features two clamps with purchase.

Installation Kit

This Kreg Tool Company kit has multiple tools in one with there different jigs in the same set and two included clamps. With these tools, you will be able to use the kit for installing concealed hinges, drawer slides, and knobs and pulls.


Via: @saga_hanis

Concealed Hinges Installation

Unlike other options that are available on today’s market, which don’t come with the ability to install concealed hinges, this hardware jig can do just that. This is a feature that makes a difficult installation much easier and will save you time.

Precise Measurements

This cabinet hardware jig is adjustable for every project or job that you do, so you will have the precise measurements for each drawer or cabinet you install.

The easily adjustable knobs can be held in place by tightening the knob to ensure that your drilling will not be obstructed by a moving part.


Via: @handmade1956

Clamps Included

This kit doesn’t just come with multiple jigs but it also has two clamps included that can be used to ensure that all joints are perfectly connected. They can also be used for a number of other jobs because they create no marring.

Main Features

  • 3 Easy-to-Use Jigs 2 Bonus Clamps in One Specially-Priced Kit
  • For Knobs and Pulls, Concealed Hinges & Drawer Slides
  • Concealed Hinge Jig
  • Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig
  • Drawer Slide Jig
  • Classic 2-Inch Face Clamps

  • Medium range price point
  • Includes multiple pieces and tools in kit
  • Allows for concealed hinge installations
  • Has precise measurements for each job you do
  • Includes two clamps that create no marring

Cabinet Hardware Jig:

Drawer Slide Jig:

3. ASCENDONS Cabinet Hardware Jig – Best For Home Use Review

ASCENDONS Cabinet Hardware Jig Review, Pros and Cons

This Ascendons Cabinet Hardware Jig is a great option for those who are handy around the house and want a product that will work for installing new cabinets or drawers in their home.

This jig is an alloy product that will last a long time and give you more precise measurements.

High-Quality Build

This cabinet hardware jig is made from stainless steel and aluminum alloy for the most durable construction for home use. This jig will last through multiple home uses without sustaining any damage to the material.

Has Hole Placement Pieces

This cabinet hardware jig has pieces that hold a pre-drilled hole to allow the hole that you drill to be in the exact same position.

This makes the hole easier to drill because you just need to line up the drill with the pre-drilled hole to make the exact precise measurement.

Best Accuracy

This jig has a high level of accuracy because of the precise measurements that ensure every hole that is drilled is in the correct position for the evenest drawer or cabinet installation every time.

This eliminates mistakes for beginners and saves you time from having to redo measurements.

Easy Adjustments

This cabinet hardware jig has adjustable pieces that allow you to create the perfect template for whatever project you are installing, whether that is a cabinet, drawer, or knobs.

The jig has an L-bracket and screws that can be kept in place to ensure that the jig doesn’t move while you are working.

Main Features

  • Perfect Hole Positions for Cabinet Handles, Pulls & Knobs
  • Quick-Release Drill Guide Block Makes Set Up Simple
  • Reversible Fast Drilling
  • Quick, Easy Adjustments
  • L-Bracket & Top Screws
  • 2 Large Front Thumbscrews
  • Made of Stainless Steel & Aluminum Alloy
  • 5 mm Hardened Steel
  • Slider Material: ABS

  • Made from stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  • Drill placement is precise with pre-drilled holes to follow
  • Offers the most precise measurements for drilling
  • Adjustments are easy to make with screws
  • Has a cheaper price for home use

Cabinet Hardware Jig Buyer Guide

If you are in the market for a cabinet hardware jig then you have probably taken a look at a large number of choices that are available for purchase but have had trouble finding the greatest option for your uses.

Whether you want a jig that will work for professional use when you’re working, or just durable enough to last through a few household projects, you want a good quality product.

With this in-depth buyer guide telling you everything that you need to look for in a jig, you will be able to get the best option for your next job or project.


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Quality Materials

You never want to skimp out on the quality of a product for a cheaper price if you can help it, but sometimes the price doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the better product.

You want to check out the materials that the jig is made from and see how durable they are in comparison to others on the market.

Some are made mostly of metal, but in the most important areas, they are actually made of plastic. The use of the metal could drive up the price, but the plastic won’t actually make the jig more durable in the long run.

So, when you are searching for the jig that will work for your projects, you want to take the time to look at the materials to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product.


If your cabinet hardware jig can be adjusted, then you will be able to use it for just about whatever you can think of. Whether you need to install cabinets, drawers, knobs, pulls, or align other projects for precise measurements, you will be able to do so.

True Position Tools TP-1934

Via: @baynecustomwoodworking

The ability to be adjusted is great for different size projects, and if you’re remodeling cabinets that are different sizes, you will need it to adjust.

Not only can an adjustable jig be useful for allowing for different sized cabinets and drawers, but this can also ensure that you can tighten the jig so it won’t move while you are working.

You wouldn’t want to be drilling a hole and have the jig move from its position. This could make your hole move to the wrong place and force you to redo the work you just did.

Getting a jig that can be adjusted will ensure that you get the most precise measurements and that your jig won’t move when you are in the middle of a job.

Precision Templates

If you want to have the most precise measurement for your cabinets and drawers, then purchasing a hardware jig that includes a template for working is a great choice.

These templates will allow you to follow the exact template laid out for you and adjust the measurements to fit your project. This takes much of the guesswork out of the job and makes your final product much more exact.

This is especially great for those who are doing the work for themselves at home and who don’t have professional experience installing these types of items. This helps you feel more in control of the project and saves you a lot of time in the long run.


Do I need the help of a professional to use a cabinet hardware jig?

No, you don’t need any help or guidance from a professional to use one of these jigs. In fact, these are easy to use and are typically employed to keep from needing professional help with a cabinet or drawer installation.

Via: @rusticgraindesigns_tampa

Can you use the same jig for both the right and left cabinet doors, or do I need one for each side?

You do not need to use a different jig for each door, instead you can just adjust the jig to fit each door.

Most times, you won’t even need to do that because the jig will fit on both doors similarly. You will just want to make sure that the jig is properly tightened before moving it.


Installing new cabinets, drawers, or any other part of the kitchen can be a hassle, but with the help of a cabinet hardware jig making the whole project much easier, you can get the job done a lot faster than you thought possible.

With the great options that we reviewed in this article, you can choose the best choice for your needs and get the best cabinet hardware jigs for your projects.

Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

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