Best Compact Tables Saws for Your Job Site: DeWalt DW745 vs. DWE7480

Best Compact Tables Saws for Your Job Site DeWalt DW745 vs. DWE7480There is nothing like a reliable set of tools to help you get your job done.

Unfortunately, we have all experienced the frustration that comes when your tools are not trustworthy and break down after a few uses.

Or, maybe worse, when the tools you love and prize are with you for years, and then break and need a part that is no longer made.

Suddenly, you are in need of a new tool, but feel like you have to start over. How do you know what to prioritize? What should you be looking for? If we are standing in your shoes, then do not worry. We are here to help you!

In this article, we compare two of the best options from the DeWalt line. These are our favorite options, and we will spend most of the article discussing how they compare and relate to each other. We go over the pros and cons of each tool as well as the best uses for each.

We have also listed three alternative products at the end of this article so that you can make a decision confident in knowing that you’re familiar with the options and have chosen the best tool for your needs.

Finally, we will wrap up with an FAQ section and some questions to consider to help refine your search process. This article will consider all the most important factors when it comes to choosing a table saw.

In each section of this article, you will be able to find our top priorities and our recommendations for each category. Curious? Read on!

First, we’re going to look at our ultimate, top two options for table saws: the DEWALT Compact Job-Site Table Saw (DW745), and the DEWALT Compact Table Saw with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System (DWE7480).

Both of these tools are (clearly) from the same manufacturer, and DEWALT is a well-known and trusted brand. So right off the bat, this is an excellent comparison – both products are worth your consideration and money.

Top Pick

DeWalt DWE7480

Our top pick is the DeWalt DWE7480. Ultimately, although both of these products are very similar, this one wins our pick for the all-around best option. Here are the main reasons:

DeWalt DWE7480

  • High Power 15-amp Motor & 4800 RPM
  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence
  • 24″ of Rip Capacity
  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding System
  • Metal Roll Cage Base
  • 24T Carbide Blade & Adjustable Rear Feet
  • Dust Port for 2-1/2″ Vacuum Hook Up

The Differences and Similarities between the DeWalt DW745 and the DWE7480


  • Price: Surprisingly, the price is very comparable and probably won’t be the deciding factor for indecisive customers
  • Dimensions: The dimensions on each product are very similar, in fact, they are almost identical


  • Power: the DWE7480 takes the cake on this one. Read on to learn more!
  • Rip Capacity: DW745 features a capacity of 20 inches, while the DWE7480 boasts a capacity of 24 ½ inches. Who would have thought 4 ½ inches could make that much of a difference?
  • Portability: The DW745 is a whopping nine pounds lighter than the DWE7480, which is significant if you are transporting your tools back and forth every day

So, with all these comparisons in tow, which model earns the title of our top pick?

DeWalt DWE7480DeWalt DWE7480

Rip Capacity: 24 1/2" (62 cm)
Power: 4800 RPM
Weight: 48 lbs (22 kg)
Blade diameter: 10" (25 cm)
DeWalt DW745DeWalt DW745

Rip Capacity: 20" (51 cm)
Power: 3850 RPM
Weight: 45 lbs (20,4 kg)
Blade diameter: 10" (25 cm)

Things in common

Of course, since these are both DeWalt products, they are several notable similarities between the two machines, and some of their best features are things they have in common.

Roll Cage Base

Both products feature a metal roll cage base, which will help protect the integrity of the instrument, and makes it generally more durable than the plastic bases of other competitors and counterparts.

Convenient Guarding System

Both of these options feature the classic DeWalt versatile Site-Pro modular guarding system. This means that it is easy to set up for all types of uses and applications because you won’t need tools to adjust different components of the table saw.

DeWalt DW745 & DWE7480 have the Site-Pro modular guarding system

The table part of the table saw has a coated surface to reduce friction, and the roll case mentioned above helps ensure sturdiness for the heaviest of projects.

Telescoping Fence Rails

In addition, both table saws come with telescoping fence rails, which move out up to 20 inches to ensure that you can rip full sheets of materials – or conversely, you can telescope the rails back in to ensure precision with a compact job.

DeWalt DW745 & DWE7480 come with telescoping fence rails

Through telescoping, these rails give you the flexibility and versatility you need to make this a perfect fit for workshops that turn out many different sizes and shapes of products.

Dust Collection Port

If these things aren’t enough, there is a dust collection port that can connect to a shop vac for easy cleanup.

Dust collection ports are critical and often overlooked, despite providing important protection from slipping and fire hazards as dust and debris accumulate in the shop.

What’s Included

Both products include the Table Saw, 10-inch, 24-Tooth carbide blades, a miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard.

Miter Gauge Accessory

As far as something they both have in common, the miter gauge accessory hasn’t been noted as particularly high quality and may need to be replaced.

This seems to be the case with both tools – so that probably shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you, either. It’s important information to have to make an informed decision.


Both of these tools come with DeWalt’s standard warranty, which gives you a long 3-year limited coverage warranty, a 90-day guarantee, and one free service within the first year you own the tool.

The combination of these benefits speaks to DeWalt’s commitment to making quality tools, and to giving you the best in performance and a long working life. The addition of a free service also helps to ensure that your new tool can really outlast the competition.

Product Differences

Although these two products are similar, there are enough differences to make significant quality differences between them. However, the decision probably won’t be made by comparing qualities, but rather, by comparing what you intend to use the tools for.

Intended Use

If you are an amateur in the world of woodworking, a serial hobbyist, or looking for a table saw to have on hand from time to time, then the DW 745 is the option for you.

How use DeWalt DWE7480 & DW745

It has plenty of power for all sorts of projects, and even though it isn’t quite as powerful as the DWE 7480, you may not need that much power.

For Every Day, Heavy Duty Work: DWE7480

For Occasional Work: DW745


Although both models have the same size motor, the DWE7480 can deliver 4800 RPM, or, rotations per minute.

On the other hand, the DW745 can only deliver 3800 RPM. Now, this may not be a deal-breaker for you, depending on what qualities you are looking for in the first place.

But if you know that power and overall motor performance is important to you, then this is no tie-breaker.

For Power: DWE7480

Rail System Defect

While we’ll sing the praises of the DWE7480 all day, we would be hard-pressed to ignore a couple of yellow flags and we think it’s important to pass the same information along to you.

Some users have noted that the rail system can lock unexpectedly, which can make adjustments unnecessarily difficult. This also seems to be a fairly rare defect and can be attributed to user error in some cases.

It’s a fairly common problem mentioned when talking about this tool however, so likely there is a mechanical cause that can make the rail system stiff. For many, this is a non-issue, but it’s worth considering if you want to use the flexibility of the rail system more often.

Questionable Rail System: DWE7480.


The DW745 wins this battle. Because it is so much lighter than its heavyweight counterpart, it is significantly easier to adjust or to change shop location.

Adjustability: DW745


Once again, the DW745 takes it. DEWALT boasts that this product’s footprint has been optimized to make it the most portable saw in its class. That means more options in and out of your regular workshop.

DeWalt DW745 is a better option for contractors who regularly move job site

It also may make the DW745 a better option for contractors or other craftsmen who regularly move job site.

Portability: DW745

Rip Capacity

The difference as been mentioned before, but it is worth bringing up again. The DW 745 can accommodate up to 20 inches, which is impressive for a portable table saw. However, the DWE7480 gives just a little more with 24 ½ inches of rip capacity.

Rip Capacity: DWE7480


We still recommend the DEWALT products listed in the rest of the article, but in case you want to be educated about other available options, here are three choices you could consider.

To keep the comparisons as clean as possible, they are different brands, but all the options are 10-inch table saws.

Each of these options is slightly different with different types of advantages, so depending on what you are looking for, these might be the right tools for you.

1. SKILSAW 3410-02 Review

SKILSAW 3410-02

SKILSAW 3410-02 features a folding stand. It is made from heavy-duty steel and features an EZ view measurement system for easy measuring on the job.

This is an excellent choice if you are newer to the DIY game or just dipping your toes in the hobby-world waters.

It also features a 15-amp motor, but the RPM’s isn’t listed clearly on the website so that comparison is an inconclusive draw. This product weighs 67 pounds, which is significantly more than some of the other table saws we’ve discussed.

However, one of the main draws of this product is the folding stand and table built-in, which supposedly cuts down on setup time, and ensures stability while in use.

It does not come with a dust collection port, though, so be ready to only use this product outside (unless you have a broom and dustpan handy.)

2. Bosch 4100-10 Review

Bosch 4100-10

Also, with a folding stand and also with a 15 amp motor, this product boasts a max 3650 RPM, which is comparable to the other products noted so far.

The Rip capacity is 25 inches, which is larger than our top pick from the DEWALT comparison.

In addition to all of these things, it seems this product has several other advantages and features as well. Bosch 4100-10 includes a wheeled stand, which not only helps with set up time but takes the mobility and portability factor up a notch.

This model features a smart guard system, offering a protective blade barrier that helps avoid contact with the blade, while still providing a clear vision of the cut as it is being made.

If that isn’t enough, this saw is smart, too! It features soft-start circuitry, which means the intensity of the motor start-up is managed in a way that helps protect the integrity of the instrument and the circuit breaker involved.

3. Tacklife PTSG1A Review

Tacklife PTSG1A

Last but certainly not least, the Tacklife PTSG1A Table Saw stands among giants and holds its own.

With the same 15 amp motor as the other options, this saw champions a 4,800 RPM, which is miles above the other products mentioned in this article.

The Tacklife 10-inch table saw also has a cast aluminum table for stability and durability of performance, and the table extends to an impressive 40×20 inches.

Technologically, this saw is equipped with an overload protection system, which helps control the power for your safety, and the effectiveness of the project. The blade is fully enclosed in a protective guard to make sure you don’t accidentally injure yourself.

In addition to all its other features, there are three notable benefits: a dust collection system, a measuring system with a graduated ruler for exactness in your measuring, and a cord collector to help keep the side cord tidy and out of the way.

Things To Consider Before Making Your Purchase

If you have read this far and you still haven’t quite made your decision yet, here are a few frequently asked questions and our best pieces of advice for making your decision.

Consider Why You’re Buying It

What is the purpose of this new table saw in your life? Do you need it every day as you go from job site to job site? Then portability, mobility, and size are all going to be huge factors for you.

But if you are getting a saw to live in your workshop or in your garage, the portability factor might not be important to you.

DEWALT Table Saws – Hear it from the Pros:

How are you going to use it?

Do you just need something that cuts straight lines? Or are you making furniture with box joints and raised panels?

This should be a serious consideration for you – different tools are made with different projects in mind. Ultimately, you want to purchase a tool that is perfectly made for your intended use, and not someone else’s.

There is no need to buy a tricked-out table saw if you just need to rip boards to width, but you will be at a severe disadvantage if you purchase a saw with a wide rip capacity, but no capacity to do the complex procedures you intended.

What features are priorities?

We have mentioned a wide variety of features in this article – power and rip capacity are just two of them. But there are a host of other features to consider that could push your decision over one edge or the other.

In addition to the things we have already discussed, consider how these factors might impact your thinking:

  • Flat Top: Saws will list what their flatness deviation is – this can change how accurate your cut is. Do your research to see what individual products will note as their flatness deviation
  • Fence Type: how does the rip fence work? Does it lock? Is it parallel with the blade? The type of fence that comes with your saw may be upgradable, or it may not be at all. Understanding what kinds of cuts you are intending to do with your saw and how the fence will help (or, maybe get in the way) is a factor you should consider before purchasing your tool of choice
  • Blade: How is the blade changed? Are you anticipating using your saw often enough to need to change the blade often? The difficulty of this process is important to be aware of, once again, depending on how often you use your instrument
  • Safety Features: what safety features are available with a product in question? Most table saws will feature at least some level of safety precaution, while others will feature several types of safeguards. Again, some models can be upgraded and others cannot, so understanding the capacity of future use and need are factors that are important to be aware of

Ultimately, each of the products listed are great options when it comes to picking a compact table saw for your job site. These instruments are durable and get great work done, and each has a few advantages over the others.

As always, take your time when making a big purchase! The decision should not be taken lightly.

Whether you are woodworking by trade, into home DIY projects, or just dabble in lots of different hobbies, tools can open up whole new worlds of opportunity if you get the right ones. It is easy to just consider price, but don’t stop there.

Look at intended use, level of expertise required (or, ease of use instead!) Consider the tool’s power, rip capacity, safety features, and other factors.

If possible, head to a store and look at individual models – don’t just buy the first thing you see online. If you already swear by a certain company or product line, check what they have to see if you might have compatible technology already.

The options are endless! But so is the search criteria, so be ready to put time and energy into your search to make sure you end up with the right products for your job.

No matter what you choose, we hope this article was helpful for your decision-making process. Whether you decide to buy one of these products, or you realize you need to refine your search criteria, there is a lot of great information out there.

Happy Woodworking!


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