Milwaukee 2606-20 Review

Milwaukee 2606-20 ReviewWhile hand drills are great for drilling or fastening jobs in commercial and residential settings, there are times when their size limits accessibility.

If you have been forced to resort to using a screwdriver for fastening or had to abandon a drilling location due to space constraints, I can relate.

In the past, I have struggled with trying to drill in tight spaces, like drilling holes between wall studs.

Struggling with space limitations can force you to drill at awkward angles that produce skewed holes or make driving fasteners impossible. This is when a compact drill design, like that of the Milwaukee 2606-20 proves its worth.

With a shorter nose design, this compact drill can fit into areas that a traditional drill/driver design simply cannot.

The Milwaukee 2606-20 At A Glance

Milwaukee 2606-20 Review, Pros and Cons

The main feature of Milwaukee 2606-20 model is its compact design.

Measuring just over seven inches in length, the short nose can allow you to access areas that many cordless power tools would struggle to fit into.

This shorter nose does not come at the expense of chuck size, with this drill/driver using a 1/2-inch chuck. That gives you the ability to use a wider range of drill bits.

Its speed is adjustable, allowing you to select the right speed for the intended job. That will help protect the project surface as well as smaller bits and fasteners.

Milwaukee 2606-20 can use for most light and medium jobs

The torque offered by this drill/driver is adequate for most light and medium jobs. This makes it a good choice for a homeowner doing DIY projects, home wood shops, and light commercial installations.

With that being said, it might struggle with heavy-duty assignments that are often encountered at construction sites.

  • Compact 7 1/4-inch length
  • Maximum 1,800 RPMs
  • 500 inch-pounds of torque
  • 5-year limited warranty

Milwaukee 2606-20 Features

Compact Body Design

The main feature offered by this model from Milwaukee tools is the shorter length of the nose assembly. Coming in at 7 1/4-inches, the body is designed to operate in spaces where standard length drills would struggle with.

Milwaukee 2606-20 has a compact body design

The smaller size does not sacrifice accessibility to other features on the drill/driver, allowing you to operate all buttons and switches in tight spaces.

It is small enough to operate with one hand without jeopardizing stability which lets you work without having to continuously readjust the power tool or your body position.

Easy To Use Chuck

This product comes with a single sleeve chuck, which means you won’t have to use your off-hand to pull on a secondary sleeve when installing bits. It is also keyless, which lets you install a bit and tighten it by hand without the need for a key.

The ratcheting lock design provides extra grip on the installed bit and can help to prevent slipping on smooth shanked bits when drilling into tough surfaces. This design can be used to properly secure bits and lock them into place.

Adjustable Speeds

The Milwaukee 2606-20 has a speed range of between 0-400 RPMs in driver mode, and from 0-1800 RPMS when it is used as a drill.

When used in driver settings, the lower RPMs are ideal for keeping bits and fasteners from snapping while they are working into hardwoods, concrete, and thicker metals.

Its higher RPMs found in the drill mode allow bits to work efficiently through materials. Selecting the proper speed based on the bit size and material types is important for proper use of any drill, including cordless designs.

Torque Provided

This compact power tool is capable of a maximum of 500 inch-pounds of torque. While this might be low compared to some 18 volt standard sized cordless drills, it is an acceptable level in more compact designs.

Milwaukee 2606-20 has a 500 inch-pounds of torque

The reality is, you wouldn’t want to use higher torque settings at awkward angles in tight spaces, as your body could not be positioned properly to support the drill through a high-torque job. For most light and medium-duty jobs, 500 inch-pounds is more than ample power.

If you are working with very large bits or drilling into very dense materials, it would be safer to approach it from an angle where you can use a larger drill/driver.

Motor Design

This compact drill makes use of a frameless motor. This type of design means that there are no components between the rotor and the chuck. This creates a more dynamic performance from the motor.

Milwaukee 2606-20 makes use of a frameless motor

Using this type of motor allows this power tool to generate its speed and torque performance in a smaller body or with a similarly sized housed motor.

It should not use any more battery power than a standard motor in traditional housing would, which means you get the advantages of the increased torque without sacrificing battery life.

All-Metal Gearcase

While the motor is integrated into the body itself, the gear case is made from a separate all-metal case. This not only provides a high endurance material for support, but it also aids with shock and vibration transfer from the gears.

M18 Battery Platform

This product uses an 18-volt lithium battery for power. Lithium batteries are known for there longevity when compared to other battery types. That does mean that you will pay more for the battery, however.

While it does not come with a battery or charger, this power tool is part of the Milwaukee M18 cordless power tool platform.

Milwaukee® M18™ System: Overview:

Batteries in this series are designed to work on all tools in this range, an advantage if you already own other Milwaukee M18 products. This might not be that impressive if this is your first Milwaukee cordless tool though.

Milwaukee Product Support

Milwaukee Tools is an established name in the tool industry and has been favored by many commercial and residential users for decades.

As an American based company, online and technical support is offered with clear explanation and comparable hours for North American customers.

The model comes with a five-year limited warranty. While the limited warranty is standard, the length of coverage is longer than some manufacturers will offer. Also, as an established company, you can feel more secure about the warranty being honored by Milwaukee.

Possible Alternatives

If the Milwaukee 2606-20 is not quite what you are looking for, there are several alternatives that you might want to consider, including:

1. RIDGID R860052 Review

RIDGID R860052 Review


The Ridgid R860052 18-volt compact is similar in that it does not come with a battery or charger.

It does come at a very reasonable price point though. It also offers a 24-setting clutch.

Its air vents appear to be more open than the Milwaukee, but the materials used in its construction may prove weaker than those used in building Milwaukee’s 2606-20.

2. Makita XFD10R Review

Makita XFD10R Review

Makita XFD10R’s compact unit uses a similar design but provides 20 inch-pounds less torque than the Milwaukee.

This drill/driver is also designed to handle dust and water better than other power tools.

That can be a real advantage when working on outdoor job sites. It also comes with with a battery, charger, and carry case.

3. Dewalt DCD771C2 Review

Dewalt DCD771C2

Dewalt DCD771C2‘s entry as an alternative comes with a 20-volt capacity, which can provide increased power over 18-volt alternatives.

It does come with an 18-volt battery and charger, which is an extra over the Milwaukee 2606-20.

These features also come with a larger price tag, which would favor the Milwaukee for those who are budget conscious.

Final Thoughts

You can’t always pick your drilling location, and there are times where you will need to work in a space that a standard drill will not fit. That is the reason a compact drill might be needed.

The Milwaukee 2606-20 has a short nose that allows it to fit into many spaces that other drills will not. The nice thing about this drill/driver is that the frameless motor provides increased torque and power that is lacking in some compact designs.

Its 1/2-inch keyless chuck allows you to select from a wider selection of bits as well. If you want to look at the Milwaukee 2606-20 in more detail, make sure to click here.

Milwaukee 2606-20 Review

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