Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile 2018Porcelain tile is hard yet very brittle.

We love them for their beauty and versatility in that you can install them in floors, walls, countertops, baseboards, etc.

But when you need to perform any plumbing work or install a towel rack, you will need to drill through it.

Since porcelain tile is quite hard, it can take you hours to get through one hole if you use the wrong drill bits. Not to mention, the tile can end up shattering leaving you with a mess to clean let alone install another tile.

Today, we look at the Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile 2024.

What is the Best Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile in July 2024?

  • Neiko 00823A – Best Drill Bits for DIY and Professional Work
  • BLENDX FBA_bx-022 – Best Drill Bits for Drilling Deep Holes in Hard Porcelain Tile
  • Bastex W2 TL16 – Best Drill Bits for DIY
  • Drilax 050513 – Best Porcelain Tile Drill Bits on a Budget
  • DRILLPRO QKOaoko32 – Most Versatile Porcelain Drill Bits
Neiko 00823ANeiko 00823A

Material: Diamond tip Steel shaft Nickel plating
Size: 5/32" ¼" 5/16" 3/8" ½"
Quantity: 5

Material: Diamond tip Carbon steel shaft
Size:  0,23", 0,31", 0,39", 0,55",  0,62", 0,7",  0,86",  1,37", 1,57",  1,96"
Quantity: 10
Bastex W2 TL16

Material: Diamond tip Steel shaft Nickel plating
Size: 0,23", 0,31", 0,39"
Quantity: 3
Drilax 050513Drilax 050513

Material: Diamond tip Carbon steel shaft and nickel plating
Size: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"
Quantity: 5

Material: Diamond sand tip Carbon steel shaft with nickel plating and diamond dust coating
Size: 0,23"-1/9"
Quantity: 15

Neiko 00823A Review – DIY and Professional Work Option

Neiko 00823A Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Drill Bits for DIY and Professional Work 2018

Finding a brand that provides reliable drill bits for porcelain can be a tricky process.

But Neiko has made the process seem effortless by providing us with a 5-set model to suit all your porcelain tile drilling needs.

It oozes quality, durability, and above all dependability.

Construction Design

These drill bits come with a diamond-coated tip to ensure that they perform with excellence on all jobs.

We must say they are much better than carbide since instead of cutting through the tile, they grind through to make sure you do not have a fractured tile that you cannot depend on to install bathroom fixtures and the like.

With nickel plating on each of these drill bits, you are assured of durability since they will not show any signs of rust thanks to their corrosion resistance.

We particularly like that they are versatile since you don’t get to use them only on porcelain tile. They will be of great help if you are dealing with ceramics or glass.

They are the only drill bits you’ll ever want for hard yet brittle materials.


These drill bits are cut with top-notch precision to ensure you get accurate holes. You can expect sizes from 5/32” to ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and ½”. This provides you with the ideal sizes that suit many professional and DIY jobs.

Since they use diamond edges, you can keep worries about them fracturing to rest. You will, however, want to take extra care of the shank by ensuring you follow the right drilling techniques.

The diamond tip can bend easily when subjected to excess pressure when drilling.

Overall, you have drill bits that perform as they are stipulated. They don’t come with any extra weight to drag you down.

Whether you are looking to make some home improvement or you are in construction, you can count on the Neiko 00823A brand to give you a smooth time in your job.

  • High performance owing to diamond coating
  • Nickel plating improves durability by providing corrosion resistance
  • Comes with ideal cutting length for many jobs
  • Versatile to allow more applications

BLENDX FBA_bx-022 Review – Deep Holes in Hard Porcelain Tile

BLENDX FBA_bx-022 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Drill Bits for Drilling Deep Holes in Hard Porcelain Tile 2018

When it is a matter of perfection, you can’t go into the job with the wrong drill bits.

BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits comes as a set of 10 of the most widely used drills bits for porcelain tile.

They will give you functionality and effective performance so that you can complete jobs with confidence.

Construction Design

These are core-style drill bits that will come in handy for grinding large holes. You get steel bits with diamond-enforced edges to provide the strength needed for making holes in porcelain tiles. These drill bits will also work with ceramics, glass, marble, granite, fiberglass, etc.

The diamonds follow a bonded application which involves electroplate bonding. These are slow-speed drills and they some of the affordable types on the market. As such, we do not expect that they last a long time since the diamonds will wear with time owing to the hardness of porcelain tile.

Nevertheless, you will need to be careful with to use lubrication so that the will retain their edges and not wear off as soon as you complete your first job.

Fortunately, this brand uses steel shafts that are strong and durable to handle hard materials like porcelain tile. It is hardened carbon steel which is highly resistant to wear. With the right technique, you will be using these drill bits for quite some time.


You can expect optimal results from these drill bits. They work perfectly with an electric drill since you will be able to control the speed to achieve firm and even pressure. This way, you will not damage the tile or spend hours drilling in what it could less than an hour to complete.

With a total length of 5.2cm, you get to drill deep holes to fit common applications. The ten drill bits provide accuracy to help you do a perfect job the first time.

With the side holes, you will be able to remove collected material from the core without pausing on the drilling process.

BLENDX is a sure pick for neat holes. You get a variety of bits to use in different applications.

  • Robust construction from diamond edges and carbon steel shaft
  • Make clean holes but are affordably priced
  • Include a side hole to remove material
  • They can make deep and wide holes
  • Ten different size hole options

Bastex W2 TL16 Review – Best for DIY

Bastex W2 TL16 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Drill Bits for DIY 2018

Designed to cut through the hardest materials, Bastex Diamond Grit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set is another impressive contender in the world of porcelain tile.

These drill bits follow through with remarkable qualities to earn them a place in our top best list.

From their construction to their versatility, these are real winners for DIY Jobs.

Construction Design

We won’t be covering the versatility of these pieces but rest assured it has a long list of materials to use with them other than porcelain. From fiberglass to slate, marble, granite, ceramics, among others.

These bits boast a construction from carbon steel that is nickel plated. Steel is known to be virtually indestructible and it coupled with the diamonds edges in the core-style tip. Like every other bonded diamond, you will get decent longevity.

But don’t expect a new set of diamonds to appear if the current layer wears away like in the case of sintered bits.

The shafts on these bits are a bit on the shorter side. You only get to drill holes up to 7/8inches long which translates to 2.22 cm. That is why we recommend them for DIY projects.


Thanks to the use of diamond dust you get superior cutting strength to cater for the needs of porcelain tile.

You have a set of three drill bits in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes. These are just the right sizes for porcelain tile since you can perform a variety of applications while creating different looks in home remodeling.

These bits are cut in a smooth and exact finish. Most people attest to their accuracy as they are consistent in every job. This way, you get to work fast and accurately especially where you cannot bear the cost of missing the mark the first time round.

If you want high-quality drill bits for DIY, you will be happy when you invest in the Bastex set of Diamond Drill Bits.

  • Robust construction using carefully selected materials (carbon steel, nickel plating, and diamond dust)
  • Cut smoothly to precise specifications
  • Short shaft applicable for DIY projects
  • Three different sizes for multipurpose usefulness

Drilax 050513 Review – Budget Option

DRILAX 050513 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Porcelain Tile Drill Bits on a Budget 2018

Installing shower lamps, towel racks, and vanities just got easy with the Drilax Set of Diamond bits.

These drill bits express functionality especially if you are into remodeling on your own terms.

They call for careful application just like any other diamond drill bits.

These brand presents cheaper bits when compared to other models that come as a set of five bits offering similar functionality.

Construction Design

Even though these drill bits are cheap to acquire, they still follow through with decent durability.

They use nickel plated steel shafts that are corrosion resistant. The diamond edges provide the desired cutting strength such that you can complete jobs with precision.

The shaft is wear resistant, but you will still need to watch the diamond edges. It is essential that you use them with water since they are electroplated, and they will wear off because of the friction created during the grinding process.


These bits come in five standard sizes. You will be able to use them with corded and cordless electric drills to complete most of the work around the house.

Since porcelain tile is smooth, you can experience walking with these drill bits, but you can quickly rectify this by using masking tape or a wood plank to support the bit until you make initial progress on the point you will be drilling.

When you want something that is reliable, easy to use and replace, Drilax is your go-to model. They work like a champ in that you can drill close to 100 holes with each of them before they require any replacement.

Because of their affordability and effectiveness, Drilax deserves a place in your toolbox.

  • Comes with all the common and useful sizes
  • Sturdy and reliable construction for consistently accurate jobs
  • Works with cordless and corded electric drills
  • It cuts slow with less pressure to provide clean-cut holes

DRILLPRO QKOaoko32 Review – Most Versatile Option

Drillpro QKOaoko32 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Most Versatile Porcelain Drill Bits 2018

If you are looking for high precision drill bits for a wide array of applications, DRILLPRO has a set of 15 bits.

With fifteen sizes, you can work on just about any hard surface that requires accuracy and patience.

These bits provide you with everything you need in porcelain drill bits.

They have small incision resistance, with simple chip evacuation.

Construction Design

You not only have diamond sand on the tip, but these drill bits also use diamond dust on the shaft.

The steel shaft is nickel-plated while being complemented by the diamond dust. This means that they can last through a lot of wear which is the case when used with hard materials.

The diamond tip is the wheel behind the strength needed for superior performance. It is just what you need when you want to drill clean holes for delicate jobs such as installing electrical wiring for bulbs on a porcelain tile ceiling.


Since you won’t be making pilot holes when using these drill bits, it is crucial that you use them with proper technique to gain the benefits of competent performance.

It is recommended to start drilling by applying a 45-degree angle on the drill bit. This way, you will be creating the ground for a nice hole that will come out clean.

Also, it performs with excellence when you add water to provide cooling and to prevent burning of the tip. Remember we are trying to preserve these bits in top condition for consistent accuracy.

With fifteen sizes, it is apparent that you can always get the right size hole whether you are working on professional pieces or you are redecorating your bathroom.

DRILLPRO presents versatility in the many sizes. It will get you through many jobs with precision and consistency.

  • It uses natural diamond sand for sturdy cutting strength
  • A set of fifteen sizes takes care of multiple jobs
  • Neat and smooth opening owing to being precisely cut
  • Nickel plating and diamond dust coating provides increased durability

How to Drill through Porcelain Tile Without Breaking it


First, get a drop sheet and lay it on the floor to collect the dust from the drilling process. Next, have a hose system or water sprayer for lubrication.

Measure the place you want to drill and mark it with an X. Use masking tape over the mark and redraw the mark. This will make it appear clearer.

Break Through the Glaze

The glazed outer surface is designed to withstand abuse and everything you throw at it. It is the hardest part to get through since you will be dealing with a sliding drill because it is smooth.

That is why we have involved a masking tape. You can also use a wood plank to support the drill.

The Drilling Process

This is where we call for patience because if you are not, you may end up with a poorly done job.

Start by drilling at a slow speed and take it slow. You can increase the speed gradually while ensuring it does not go beyond medium pressure. Apply firm and even pressure and remember not to exceed lest you will damage the tile.

As you continue the process, pause and apply water to the tip and hole for lubrication. You can also have a pair of extra hands if you do not wish to stop drilling halfway through.

After you get through to the backside of the tile, you can rest easy as it will now be a matter of drilling through the mounting surface or the wallboard.

You should rely on the mounting surface for anchoring if you are installing racks instead of the tiles because any additional pressure may crack the tile.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are going to get a perfect hole without all the mess involved in drilling through porcelain tile, you will need to have the correct drill bit. But how do you go about picking the perfect model?

Here are a few Considerations to have at heart.

Bit Types


This material is used for industrial applications. They have a sharp cutting edge and cut at high speeds. But when it comes to their use in porcelain tile, they are prone to puncturing the tile.

How to choose drill bit for porcelain tile // Drill bit for porcelain tile buyer’s guide

They are only applicable if you can drill with the least pressure.


This type of drill bit is used in everything that is not wooden which counts for our porcelain tile issue. They have their strength from their diamond coated tips. They grind into the porcelain to deliver a clean hole without risking fractures.

There are many shapes and sizes of diamond drill bits, but it comes down to two styles: сore drill bits and blunt nose drill bits.


As the name indicates, these drill bits have a core or hollow tip. The edges of the tip are lined with diamonds.

The upside of the tip is also slightly lined with the diamonds. This is to allow it to make a round hole using the edge of the tip rather than producing a hole that is the whole diameter of the tip.

They are needed for large holes as they only drill out a small portion of the desired hole. They are also regarded to be fast to get the most extensive work done in a couple of minutes.

Blunt Nose

These drill bits have a reliable tip that is completely lined with diamonds along the edges and the sides.

They drill a complete hole which makes them useful if you are drilling small holes. They usually come in sizes up to 3/8inches.

If you are decorating porcelain dishes, blunt nose drill bits are a perfect choice, but for installing vanities and towel racks, you are better off with core drill bits.

Drilling with Diamond Drill Bits

It is important that you drill slowly using diamond drill bits. This is because they tend to get hot if used at high speeds which may burn and destroy the tip.

Also, increased temperature may cause fractures and breakage to the porcelain tile.

If you are drilling and you see burn marks, yellow, black, or brown marks, it is a sure sign that you are drilling too fast or you are applying to much pressure in the drilling process.

Why do you need Lubrication?

When drilling through porcelain tile, you will need to use water as a coolant for the tip. This will prevent heat build-up which is a sure cause of fractures.

Since there will be dust produced in the drilling process, the water will form paste that will work as the required lubrication. This way, you can have a clean hole and save your drill bits for using the next time.

What about the Pressure?

Pressure is known to increase the friction rather than the drilling speed. As such, it is crucial that you go slow and do not exceed beyond a medium pressure. As we said, fractures are messy which is what we are trying to avoid.

When getting close to the end of the hole, it is also vital to apply the least pressure possible so that the other side does not crack when you finally get through to it.

How to choose drill bit for porcelain tile // Drill bit for porcelain tile buyer’s guide

Also, you do not want to use hammer drills with diamond drill bits. This is because the bit will either split or mushroom damaging it for any future work.


Professionals may get you worried when looking to acquire the right drill bits for porcelain tile. But I think we got that part covered. We have listed the Top Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Steel. As hard and brittle as porcelain tile can be, these drill bits are the right match for it.

You can now take on professional and DIY projects involving porcelain tiles and always have a clean job after that. With one of these tools, all you need to do is gather some patience, and you are good to go.

Best Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile 2018

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