The Nine Best Cordless Tools For Contractors You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Best Cordless Tools For ContractorsBeing a contractor is one of the most rewarding professions – having the versatility and flexibility to serve your clients in all kinds of ways leads you to all of the best kinds of successes in life.

But having the tools you need to do the job are really key to making sure you can do the best job you can.

Whether you are new to the world of contracting, or you know all of the tricks of the trade like the back of your hand, using the right tools will only help bring your business to the next level.

Understanding what products are out there and how they can help you will set you up for success. We chose for you the 9 best cordless tools for contractors.

Dewalt DCK590L2Dewalt DCK590L2

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 5
Voltage: 20 Volt
Makita CX200RBMakita CX200RB

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 2
Voltage: 18 Volt
Bosch DDB181-02Bosch DDB181-02

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 1
Voltage: 18 Volt
Drill Master 62873Drill Master 62873

Battery Type: NiCd
Number of tools: 1
Voltage: 18 Volt
Milwaukee 2695-25PMilwaukee 2695-25P

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 5
Voltage: 18 Volt
Ryobi P884Ryobi P884

Battery Type: Lithium
Number of tools: 6
Voltage: 18 Volt
AOBEN 5808AOBEN 5808

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 1
Voltage: 12 Volt

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 2
Voltage: 20 Volt

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of tools: 2
Voltage: 20 Volt

9 Best Cordless Tools For Contractors (as of June, 2024):

1. Dewalt DCK590L2 Cordless Tools For Contractors – All Around All Star Review

Dewalt DCK590L2 Review, Pros and Cons.

This product is where it is at. In fact, this five tool Dewalt DCK590L2 Cordless Combo Kit wins our All around All Star award and our top pick of the day.

“Wait,” you may say, “five tools is such a commitment! Do I really need all of those?”

Please, let us convince and assure you: everything included in this kit will make incredibly practical additions to your toolbox, truckbed, or garage.

This kit gives you a ton of variety – not just in tools (included both in this kit and the brand!) but also in the voltage of the power tools they feature.

Most brands usually include voltages between 12-20V, whereas DeWalt products start at 8V and go as high as 120V. So, no matter what kind of job you have on your plate, DeWalt has a tool for you.

Main Features

  • DCD985 20V MAX hammerdrill with patented 3-speed, all-metal transmission and 1/2″ all metal ratcheting chuck delivers 535 units watts out of maximum performance, faster application speed, and superior bit retention
  • DCS381 20V MAX reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp allows for quick blade change without touching blade or reciprocating shaft
  • DCF885 20V MAX 1/4″ impact driver features 3 LED lights with 20-second delay to provide visibility without shadows
  • DCS393 20V MAX circular saw with 6-1/2″ carbide blade can cut 2×4’s at a 45-degree angle in a single pass
  • DCL040 20V MAX LED work light delivers 110 lumens of light output
  • DCL040 20-volt MAX LED work light delivers 110 lumens of light output
  • Two 20-volt MAX Li-ion 3.0 Ah battery packs provide extended run-time and can be re energized in only 1 hour on the provided charger
  • 3-year limited warranty on tools and batteries

  • Includes five different tools within the combo kit
  • Compatible with all DeWalt batteries and chargers. That’s over 180+ products!
  • Built with durability in mind

2. Makita CX200RB Cordless Tools For Contractors – For Your Most Essential Contracting Needs Review

Makita CX200RB Review, Pros and Cons.

This Makita CX200RB kit is a great deal and probably as good as it gets on the market right now.

It has a 96% Buyer Satisfaction rating from all kinds of contractors.

This kit combines two trusty tools, a drill driver and an impact driver, making it clear that the essentials will help you get the job done.

This product features an assist mode, which helps you avoid accidently stripping a screw by driving at a low speed until tightening begins.

These tools just help make your job that much easier – what more could you want?

Main Features

  • Compact and ergonomic design at only 5-5/16″ long
  • Assist Mode (A-mode) feature helps eliminate ‘screw cam-out’ and ‘cross threading’ by driving at low speed until impact begins
  • Variable speed (0-1,300/0-3,000 RPM & 0-1,600/0-3,900 IPM) for a wide range of fastening applications
  • BL Brushless Motor delivers 1,240 in.lbs. of Max Torque in an ultra compact design
  • Ideal for work in tight spaces
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions
  • 18V Compact LXT® Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery BL1820B features an integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator
  • 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery BL1820B reaches full charge in 25 minutes or less
  • Rapid Optimum Charger communicates with the battery’s built-in chip throughout the charging process to optimize battery life by actively controlling current, voltage and temperature
  • Rapid Optimum Charger has a built-in fan to cool the battery for faster, more efficient charging
  • Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls(TM) to protect against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating
  • 3-year limited warranty on tool, battery and charger

  • Highest rated on the market
  • Lightweights with lots of power: the drill driver weighs 2.8 lbs, while the impact driver only weights 2.6 lbs, but they pack a punch and will help you get the job done
  • This combo kit features tools with brushless motors and 18 volt batteries, with a guarantee of rapid charging
  • A small, lightweight frame means that it will fit in compact spaces without compromising on the quality of work it can do
  • Your perfect choice for drilling, driving, and fastening tasks

MAKITA 18V LXT Sub-Compact Brushless 1/2″ Driver-Drill (XFD11ZB):

MAKITA 18V LXT Sub-Compact Brushless Impact Driver (XDT15ZB):

3. Bosch DDB181-02 Cordless Tools For Contractors – Easy in Your Hand (And On Your Wallet!) Review

Bosch DDB181-02 Review, Pros and Cons.

If you have not guessed by now, some of your best options for cordless contracting tools come in sets, and this Bosch DDB181-02 Compact Drill/Driver Kit offers you a two in one deal.

One tool, endless versatile uses. What more could you ask for?

It has an 88% Buyer Satisfaction rate, which certainly keeps up with the competition.

If you are used to working long hours with a drill in your hand, this tool is a great option, weighing just under 3lbs.

One of the major downsides of using cordless tools is how heavy they can be, so 3lbs is impressive.

Main Features

  • Two-speed transmission optimized for high-torque driving and high-speed drilling
  • 350 In.-Lbs. of torque and motor brake for driving
    1,300 RPM for high-speed drilling
  • Lightweight at just 3.0 Lbs. for less user fatigue
  • Head length of 7.1 In. for great maneuverability
  • LED light to illuminate workspace
  • 20+1 clutch settings for versatility
  • Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) increases battery lifetime

  • This tool is light but powerful: it is under 3lbs in your hand, but delivers up to 350 lbs of torque, so you do not have to worry about getting the job done
  • This tool has variable speeds and two speed transmissions
  • Includes an LED worklight
  • Built with Durashield housing, which means that this Compact Drill/Driver can hold its own even in the roughest and toughest of conditions
  • Comes with two 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries and a charger
  • Also includes a carrying bag and a screwdriver bit. Welcome to the full set

4. Drill Master 62873 – For the Renaissance Man with Commitment Issues Review

Drill Master 62873 Review, Pros and Cons.

Alright, so let’s be real: we all have interests that do not always last.

A hobby is only a hobby every now and then, right? Skiing, Cooking, Tennis, Candle-Making….

There is always something that seems great, and like it is the next big thing!

But then you take a couple lessons or make a couple candles and decide that maybe it is not quite right for you. You’re not a quitter, you’re a renaissance man… right? Well, if that is you and household projects, this is the product for you.

Ringing in at a whopping $20, this is the perfect power drill for trying your hand out at some projects here and there without having to invest in a ton of money.

This drill will do the trick for a couple projects here and there, but its low price means that it certainly isn’t the best quality out there. But, if you are looking for something to whet your appetite, this Drill Master 62873 might be the deal for you.

Main Features

  • Variable speed, reversible
  • Electric brake
  • 21 torque clutch settings
  • Keyless chuck
  • LED light for clear view in dark corners
  • Battery is interchangeable with other 18 Volt NiCd Drill Master tools

  • Price-Conscious Option
  • Some of the batteries are interchangeable with other products

5. Milwaukee 2695-25P – For the Crossfit Guy Who Works Just as Hard on his Job as he does on Leg Day Review

Milwaukee 2695-25P Review, Pros and Cons.

You know Crossfitters: they are so hardcore!

They love going to crossfit, talking about crossfit, and being the best that he can be… so much that you can’t get him to shut up.

If you’re that way, but a contractor, than this Milwaukee 2695-25P Combo kit is perfect for you.

If you depend on contracting for your lifestyle or enjoy it enough to make it your full time job, then this is an excellent choice for day in and day out wear and tear.

They are reliable, consistent, and all kinds of people swear by Milwaukee tools.

Main Features

  • 1/2 in. hammer drill/driver with 4-pole frameless motor delivers 550 in./lbs. of peak torque, 0 RPM – 450 RPM/0 RPM – 1700 RPM and 29000 BPM
  • HACKZALL reciprocating saw features dual-gear, anti-vibration system for unmatched comfort and control
  • 1/4 in. hex impact driver with 4-pole frameless motor delivers 1400 in./lbs. of torque
  • M18 6 in. circular saw delivers 3500 RPM with magnesium upper and lower guards for maximum durability
  • Digital power management: overload protection prevents damage to the tool and battery
  • M18 cordless LED work light lasts 600X longer than conventional incandescent bulbs
  • Compatible with all M18 batteries and M18 chargers

  • This is a great starter kit: all of the essentials and a perfect introduction into the Milwaukee world of products
  • Durable and Quality tools
  • Features a 3.0Ah and 1.5Ah battery
  • Includes a Battery Charger
  • Complete with a Tool Bag to keep your set together
  • Boasts unmatched comfort and control with an anti-vibration system

6. Ryobi P884  – For the On Again, Off Again Contractor Review

Ryobi P884

Ryobi P884 – this product set is second to none for anyone who needs reliable tools at a reliable price.

RYOBI features a One+ battery system, which means you can interchange the same battery pack with over 100 cordless product options.

These tools are perfect for everyday household use and the serial DIYer and home renovator.

Because there are so many tool options, you can pick and choose which tools you would like to use, but you could also take their recommendations with this starter kit.

Main Features

  • Includes 2 – 18-volt lithium batteries, usable on any machine in the one product line
  • Includes 18-volt dual-chemistry charger; batteries can be recharged in as little as 30 minutes
  • Drill has 2 speed settings (0-440 or 0-1600 rpm), variable with a spring-loaded trigger
  • Reciprocating saw features tool-free blade change
  • Reciprocating saw’s adjustable, pivoting shoe allows depth-of-cut control and more efficient use of blade
  • Circular saw has an exact line laser, which automatically activates during use
  • Work light has a multi-functional design capable of sitting flat on battery, on end or hanging for ultimate lighting versatility; swivel head directs light where needed

  • Includes six tools. Six! Including a Drill/Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw, Multi-Tool, Worklight, and more
  • The famous ONE+ batteries are compatible with all of their products, which is a great deal
  • The battery charger features Dual Chemistry Technology, which means it helps protect battery cells, maximizes battery life, and conserves energy. All at the same time!

7. AOBEN 5808 – Please, Step Into the Light Review

AOBEN 5808

AOBEN 5808 – this Ratchet Wrench Set makes this list among drills and drivers because of one main feature: a built in LED light in the unit.

Lights on the front of the unit will help you see in the dark and work long into the night (if you have to!) and lights on the sides of the tool will help you keep track of how much power the tools have left.

Nifty, right?

Main Features

  • AOBEN electric ratchet wrench offers 12 Volt Max motor and plenty torque at 35ft-lbs to remove or install bolts (or nuts)
  • Includes 2 battery, 1 charger and 8 bolts
  • Ratchet wrench set superior fastening speed: produces 280rpm with a variable-speed trigger for excellent control
  • LED light on the front of the unit lighting the workplace for you in the dark
  • Lights on the side of the unit will let you know how much power you have left
  • Backward switch on the back of the head prevents accidental actuations
  • Air-cooled motor, strong heat-sinking capability, can stabilize the working temperature of batteries

  • This Combo Kit features one wrench with eight different volts, providing you with versatility
  • Experience unparalleled fastening speed, with up to 280rpm that can be controlled by a variable speed trigger
  • Cooling motor helps prevent overheating
  • This wrench is big on safety, featuring the power button on the back of the head, instead of being near or around the handle, making sure you don’t accidently switch it on when you are in the middle of a job
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries, and a portable charger. Talk about work on the go!

8. PORTER-CABLE PCCK618L2 – Bring Down the Hammer Review


Porter Cable is one of the top-rated brands that manufacture power tools, and it is not hard to see why.

This PORTER-CABLE PCCK618L2 set is unique because it features a hammer drill and an impact drill in the same set, which is generally unusual to find together.

If you are looking for versatility and power to keep up, this is the set for you.

Perfect for all sorts of tasks, these tools are reliable and perfect for all of your drilling needs.

Main Features

  • Drill brushless motor provides extended runtime
  • Drill brushless motor provides 360 MWO for heavy and fast applications
  • Drill high performance two speed transmission with RPM’s of 0-430 and 0-1700 for speed of fastening
  • Drill compact size of 8″ for work in tight areas
  • Drill lightweight of 3.2 lbs is 14% lighter than brushed PCC601
  • Impact Driver brushless motor provides 50% more runtime
  • Impact Driver provides 1400 in-lbs torque for driving large fasteners
  • Impact Driver max RPM’s of 2700 for speed of fastening
  • Impact Driver compact (5.8″) and lightweight design (2.9 lbs) for ease of use
  • 2 Pro grade lithium ion batteries for maximum performance included & Lithium Ion Charger

  • These tools feature brushless motors, which means they will last longer
  • Variable torque speeds are available for both tools in this set
  • Tools are backed by a 3 year warranty
  • Kit includes 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 2.9 lbs. Hard to beat!
  • You can not just find cordless hammer drills anywhere, so if you use a hammer drill regularly, this will be a great option for you

9. BLACK+DECKER BDCD220CS – In Case a Drill Doesn’t Quite Cut It Review


This BLACK+DECKER BDCD220CS set is a great option for adding a cordless circular saw to your collection.

Black + Decker is another well known brand with quality products that can be great additions to your workspace.

Case in point, Black + Decker’s cordless power tools have efficient batteries, which is a great trait. Even when not in use, it is generally an unavoidable fact that power tools will, well, lose power.

However, Black + Decker’s batteries can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

You’ll definitely use it more often than that, so hopefully you will never have to find out for yourself if that is true! But nevertheless, you can rest easy knowing that these tools really are the real deal.

Main Features

  • Features 310 in-lbs of torque
  • Two speed gear box for increased versatility
  • LED work light
  • 11 position clutch and lightweight for easier use
  • High torque motor. 5-1/2″ Blade
  • Tool Free Depth of Cut and Bevel adjustment and compact design for ease of use
  • Lithium Ion Battery, Always Ready, Holds a charge up to 18 months

  • The Circular Saw can cut up to two inches
  • Long lasting battery power you can’t find anywhere else
  • Both the circular saw and the drill come with a two speed gearbox, so you can customize the speed to your needs per project

Best Cordless Tools For Contractors – Buyer’s Guide

If you are new to power tools in general, do you research and ask around before buying tools right away. Check out the top two features of cordless power tools, and why you should invest in them.


The portable nature of cordless power tools is a no-brainer.

Although battery packs mean you’re working on borrowed time, the flexibility and compact nature of a cordless tool means you are home free: cordless tools are great additions to your toolbox to take your work to the next level.

Pro Tip: Invest in additional battery packs to increase the longevity of your work and shorten the amount of time you have to wait between uses. Check the battery charging time of products, too! Does a battery need a 15 minute charge or a 3 hour charge?


Another major benefit is the convenience cordless tools provide – namely, you do not need to be near electricity.

Whether you are building something from scratch, or are out in the middle of nowhere, cordless tools make getting the job done a whole lot easier.

So now that you’re convinced of the efficiency of cordless power tools, where should you start? Well, if you’re building your toolbox from scratch or just looking to add a few gems, consider these options as essentials:

  • Power Drill: Used in the place of a screwdriver – who uses anything manual anymore? This will help make driving your screws easier and significantly more effective
  • Impact Driver: This tool is almost the cross between a hammer and a drill, which means it will help provide rotational force for long screws and difficult materials
  • Circular Saw: Portable, effective, and powerful: the trinity of perfection when it comes to cordless tools. This is an essential for your cordless power tool collection
  • Angle Grinder: a handheld device that can be used for grinding and polishing, and can handle all kinds of attachments to be the perfect tool specifically for you
  • Laser Level: Whether you are hanging a shelf or laying hardwood, having perfect alignment can make or break a project. The best level will have both a vertical laser and a horizontal one to cut down on mistakes and give you the perfect straight lines of your dreams
  • Reciprocating Saw: Cutting vertically is its game, and versatility in power is its game. This tool can help you cut through all sorts of materials of varying difficulty, and can be really adjustable to your individual needs
  • Blower: Who wants to lug a shop vac around when you could have a cordless blower? This product can help you navigate tight spaces and get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to tidying up your workspace or putting the finishing touch on a project area

Contractors are known for doing all kinds of work: you need it, you can find a contractor who can get the job done for you. Cordless Power tools are the same way – if you find the right tools, you can get your job done with ease.

Knowing the ins and outs of cordless power tools will only help you invest in the right technologies for you, whether you are running a small business or just need to get a few fixer-upper tasks done around the house. Happy Contracting!

Best Cordless Tools For Contractors

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