Is a Brushless Drill Worth the Extra Cost?

A drill is an essential tool for both home and professional usages. It allows you to make holes, loosen or tighten screws in no time. Drills work well with a wide spectrum of materials and surfaces.

Nowadays there are two major types of drills – brushed and brushless. The latter one is more innovative. It has appeared on the market relatively recently. The following information helps you to understand whether a brushless drill is worth the extra cost or not.

The Scope of Application

Although the common task of any drill is to make holes and drive fasteners, there are some differences in the application of brushed and brushless models. The first one is more appropriate for light work. It’s an ideal instrument for DIY projects. The second variant is able to perform heavy tasks. It’s a good solution for industries.


Brushless motors possess electromagnets

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Both varieties may look the same outside. The construction of the motor is the largest difference between the models. A brushed sample has electromagnets on the rotor.

The power supply runs through two brushes which are placed on opposite sides of the motor’s shaft. Brushless motors possess electromagnets that are placed on the outside. It also has permanent magnets on the motor.

The Noise Level

When it comes to regular use of the equipment, the level of the noise is of great importance. When using a brushed drill, you are to experience very loud sounds.

It depends on the type of surface you work with. Brushless tools feature a quieter sound. It’s possible because they need less power to function.


Brushless models more energy efficient

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The greatest advantage of the brushless drill is that it loses less power. No energy is lost because of fiction that appears when brushes rub against materials.

It allows brushless models to be more energy-efficient. When it comes to battery-powered samples, they are able to work twice as long in comparison with brushed motors.


To provide stable functioning of a brushed drill, it’s necessary to clean the brushes after each use of the tool. It’s also necessary to replace them after every 50-60 hours of use. Brushless samples require neither frequent cleaning nor brush replacement.


Brushless models are more compact and mobile

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Brushless models have light weight. They are more compact and mobile. The tools are smaller. It’s easier to hold them in your hands. Brushed alternatives are heavier.

The Ease of Use

Brushless drills are very convenient to use. It’s possible to adjust their speeds, power supply, and even torque in accordance with your needs and desires. Brushed models tend to heat while working. It may create inconveniences for users.


It’s one of a few indisputable advantages of a brushed drill. It costs less than a brushless alternative.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that a brushless drill is a perfect choice for those who are going to use the tool regularly. It allows you to save time and effort.

The long lifespan of the equipment makes it financially attractive. Yet, if you need the tool for a couple of tasks, it’s better to select a brushed model while it has a lower price.

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