The Router Bit FAQ You Need To Read Before Start Your Next DIY Project

Router Bit ULTIMATE FAQDo you know what a router bit is?

Do you know how to use a router bit?

Do you know which router bit to use for specific DIY jobs?

These are just some of the questions I am going to answer in the following article. Listen, I know where you are right now because I was once where you were – a novice Do-It-Yourselfer with nothing but a set of tools, some woodworking plans, and a lot of hope. Soon, however, I found out that having a set of tools and a blueprint was not enough. Hell, even the hope failed me. I needed to know why, how, and when to use those tools.

In many cases, I had problems figuring out how to use my router bit correctly, which I am assuming that you are having the same problems right now too. I mean how was I going to figure out how to carve out those pesky puzzle-shaped pieces during the joint-making process? I had to learn and learn fast if I was ever going to complete my first project.

After many years of trial and error, I gained experience and figured things out. The good news is that you don’t have to spend all that time and go through all that trouble. Below you are going to get the answers to all those router bit questions that are swirling around in your head and even to ones you have not thought up yet.

No stone, or should I say bit, has been left unturned in the Router Bit Faq below.

General Questions

Which router bits I should buy?

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We also reviewed TOP 8 of Yonico router bits.

What is a router bit?

Router BitAs you are reading this article I am assuming you already know what one is but just in case.

Routers are hand-held power tools used to hollow out areas in hard materials including wood and plastic.

A bit is the cutting tool that is attached to the router and comes in hundreds of shapes and sizes.


Can a router bit be used in a drill?

No. This is not recommended as a drill works in a completely different way than a router bit is designed for.

A drill makes holes through downward pressure while a router bit cuts grooves and edges through a strong sideways pressure.

How will something that is designed to cut sideways work cohesively with something designed drill down?

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My router bit is stuck, what should I do?

Watch the following video.

Can a router bit cut aluminum?

From my experience, yes, but I suggest using spiral router bits with some added coating to do the job as regular router bits often scrape, chip, and damage the aluminum and the bits themselves due to the heat created from the high speeds. If you want to learn how to coat router bits so that they can cut aluminum safely, watch the video below.

Can a router bit be used in a drill press?

Yes, you can, however, you must first alter the drill press belt configuration to run at higher speeds, comparable to those of an overhead router.

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Can I use a router bit in a dremel?

Both dremels and routers run at high speeds but dremels are much smaller than routers, so I would suggest not to try and attach a bit to a dremel. There is a brand called Dremel that does sell router attachment pieces, so that is an option but in my humble opinion trying to stick a router bit designed to fit into a large hand-held router into a small dremel is just asking for trouble.

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Can you sharpen a router bit?

Router bits are cutting tools, so of course it makes sense to sharpen them. You can either do it yourself or pay a whopping $10 to get it sharpened at a hardware store from a professional handyman. However, if you want to go at it yourself then you are going to need some diamond honing files which will run you around $6. Watch the video below for detailed instructions.

Can you use a router bit in a rotozip?

A rotozip is similar to a router but does not have a base. Making a base for a rotozip is both time-consuming and will cost you some money. In my opinion, it is not worth it. I have tried to use normal router bits on my rotozip in the past with horrible results. In any case, if the job is not too daunting and demanding, you could try using a sabre bit which is a natural fit for this particular tool.

Can you use a router bit on plywood?

Yes, you can but the glue in the plywood – depending on which type of plywood you are using – may dull the bit a bit (no pun intended).

Can I put a router bit in a drill?

This question is similar to the one answered earlier (Can a router bit be used as a drill?) The answer is the same here. Both machines are used for different purposes. A drill for drilling holes using downward pressure and a router for cutting grooves and edges through sideways pressure. One of my friends claimed that he was able to use a forstner bit in a drill but still my recommendation remains the same: Put a router bit where it belongs, in a router!

Router Bit FAQ – Which/What One To Use

Which router bit should I use for door hinges?

Hinge Mortising Router Bit.

Which router bit to use for tongue & groove?

You have 2 options for tongue & groove cuts – a Straight Bit or Spiral Upcut Bit

Which router bit should I use for dadoes?

Carbide Top Bearing Dado Router Bit.

Which router bit should I use for bullnose?

C3 Carbide-Tipped Bullnose Router Bit.

Which router bit should I use for planing?

Magnate 2705 Surface Planning Router Bit.

Which router bit should I use for a worktop?

Trend TR-17 Worktop Router Bit.

Which router bit should I use for hinges?

Diablo Carbide Hinge Mortising Router Bit.

Which router bit should I use for sign making?

Rockler Sign-Making Router Bit.

Which router bit should I use for my CNC?

There are a host of CNC bits to choose from and which one is best really depends on the job at hand. I have had good luck with Two-Flute Spiral Bits.

Which router bit should I use for cutting?

Straight Router Bit for cutting Dadoes & Grooves. Veining Router Bit for cutting patterns. Edge-Forming Router Bit for cutting profiles. Rabbet Router Bit for cutting rabbets. Spiral Router Bit for all-around cutting use.

What router bit should I use for letters?

I think you will like the Rockler Sign-Making Router Bit for this purpose. Just choose the 3-piece set to cover large, medium, and small carvings.

What router bit should I use for a kitchen worktop?

Silverline Kitchen Router Bit.

What router bit should I use for a juice groove?

Whiteside Bearing Round Nose Router Bit.

What router bit should I use to trim laminate?

Any Flush Trim Bit or Beveled Blade Bit will help you get the job done.

What router bit should I use for box joints?

I use Carbide Tipped Slot Cutters.

What router bit should I use for cutting circles?

I would go with a Spiral Bit if you can afford it. If not, then try using two Flute Bits with bottom cutters to get similar results.

What router bit should I use to make signs?

Any Sign-Making Router Bit set will do but I use Rockler Sign-Making Router Bits because of their ability to create lettering of all shapes and sizes.

What router bit should I use to round edges?

You should use a Rounding Over Router Bit.

What router bit should I use for flattening slabs?

I have used both Square Carbide Bits and Bowl Bits and have had great success with them when flattening slabs.

What router bit should I use for picture framing?

I would use a Rabbeting Router Bit & a Straight Router Bit.

What router bit should I use for mortise?

A Straight Router Bit or an Upcut Router Bit should do the trick.

What router bit should I use to cut inlays?

Spiral Downcut Inlay Router Bit.

What router bit should I use for jointing?

A Rabbeting Bit.


I hope this exhaustive FAQ wasn’t too exhausting for you. As there are hundreds of bits that are capable of performing various jobs, the questions as to “which one for what job” can be almost limitless. That being said, I have covered what I feel is the most common yet important questions that often come up when it comes to the topic of router bits This is a list I wish I had back in the day when I was beginning my woodworking journey!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I think you are now armed with enough information on router bits to at least get you started with this wonderful tool and keep you on the DIY path.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to list your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you benefited from the information herein, share it with others who you think might also gain some knowledge about this magnificent tool known as the Router.

Router Bit Answers for 33 Most Common questions

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