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Why You Need A Drill Brush + How do I Use it to Make Life Easier?

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning… You’re outside, slowly scrubbing away at some grimy brick. Or maybe you’re inside scrubbing mildew out of tile, scrubbing down car chrome, or cleaning your white fence before a pool party. Either way, your arms are sore and tired. Your hands are chapped. You’re not really looking forward to that […]

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought My First Drill

Two seemingly short years ago, I purchased my first drill. This came after a few years of using drills at work, so I figured I was an expert.  Makes sense, right? After all, I used various drills on a daily basis, so I figured I could buy a consumer drill without any problem. Still, there […]

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What Chuck Size Do I Need? + The Ultimate Chuck Guide

In the town where I grew up, Chuck was the name of our local, geriatric weatherman. He was always on top of the weather, and surprisingly both accurate and fun! When buying a drill, it’s also important to get a good chuck, just like that hometown weatherman! Something that will serve you well, and not […]

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