Best Drywall Screw Gun For Drilling Into Drywall Material – Greatest Buyer’s Guide

Best Drywall Screw Gun For Drilling Into Drywall MaterialDoing household projects that involve drilling into drywall can sometimes be a scary thing because you don’t want to mess up the drywall material by drilling too far, or doing the job incorrectly.

This is a major issue for many homeowners who find themselves making mistakes with drywall that can be tough to fix.

Getting a drywall screw gun can be a great option for those who want to take extra precautions when working with drywall.

Whether you need to hang a picture, a small decor item, or any other household item on the wall, getting a drywall screw gun can be the safest way to do the job. With our carefully reviewed choices below, you can pick the best drywall screw gun for your next project.


No Load Speed: 4400 RPM
Max Voltage: 20 V
Weight: 2,5 lbs (1,2 kg)

No Load Speed: 230 RPM
Max Voltage: 20 V
Weight: 1,1 lbs (0,5 kg)
DeWalt DW276DEWALT DW276

No Load Speed: 2500 RPM
Max Voltage: 120 V
Weight: 3,6 lbs (1,6 kg)

3 Best Drywall Screw Guns (as of April, 2024):

1. DEWALT DCF620B – Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun Review

DEWALT DCF620B Review, Pros and Cons

This DeWalt DCF620B drywall screw gun is a tool that is good for any customers searching for a cordless option.

This 20-volt screw gun can handle drilling into drywall without causing any damage to the surrounding area.

Brushless Motor

This drywall screw gun has a brushless motor that is made for the highest possible run time and has an optimal performance for use with any project or job.

A brushless motor gives you a much higher height to weight ratio that allows for more power in a smaller package.

Ergonomic Design

This drywall screw gun has a special ergonomic design that is built for maximum comfort and support when doing longer jobs. This keeps your hands from feeling strained or fatigued from hours of work and keeps your muscles from getting as sore.

DeWalt DCF620B

Via: @kontinentalconstructioninc

LED Light

This screw gun includes a built-in LED light that illuminates the area that you’re working in when light is scarce.

This is great for use in dark spaces and in areas where you can’t get a big enough light to properly light up the space so you can clearly see.

20 Volts

This drywall screw gun has a maximum of 20 volts of power, which gives you plenty of power for what job you need at the moment. This powerful voltage ensures that you will have enough power to complete any project you want.

DeWalt DCF620B

Via: @renosonpoint

Main Features

  • No Load Speed Up to 4,400 RPM
  • Brushless Motor
  • Superior Performance & Maximum Runtime
  • Balanced & Ergonomic
  • Cone-Lock(tm) Nosecone Locks on Securely & is Easily Removed
  • Optional Collated Magazine Attachment (DCF6201)
  • LED Light For Visibility In Tight Spaces
  • Maximum Voltage 20 volts
  • Nominal Voltage 18 volts
  • Li-Ion Battery With Fuel Gauge

  • Has a brushless motor for best performance
  • Ergonomic design for more comfort
  • LED light for illuminating dark spaces
  • Maximum of 20 volts for high performance
  • Cordless option for portability

DCF620 XR Brushless Collated Screw Driver From DEWALT:

2. WORX WX255L – Best Semi-Automatic Screw Gun Review

WORX WX255L Review, Pros and Cons

This WORX WX255L semi-automatic screw gun is great for drywall because of its powerful motor and single-handed operation, you can do just about any job with this screw gun.

If you want a versatile and powerful option that gets the job done quickly, then this is it.

Single-Hand Operation

This screw gun offers a single-hand operation that lets you use your other hand for other things while you are drilling.

The screw holder is an attachment that holds the screws in place so you don’t have to. This attachment will also catch the screws as they’re removed as well.

LED Light

This semi-automatic screw gun has an LED light that allows you to work in dark space without any loss of sight. This is great for areas that would be tough to get a larger light into the space without making the area too small to get to.

Reloadable Cartridge

This screw gun has a cartridge that allows you to load up multiple bits at one time so you can use only one hand to screw into the drywall.

The cartridge holds up to six different bits, which allows you to change the bit without using your other hand.

WORX WX255L holds up to six different bits

Powerful Battery

This screw gun’s battery has a maximum of 4-volts of power that can last for up to a full 18 months of charge. The battery and charger are both included with the price of purchase making this option a great choice for a tight budget.

Main Features

  • Screw Holder Leaves One Hand Free
  • Small Enough For Tight Spaces
  • Single-Handed Operation Allows For Extended Reach
  • LED Light Provides Increased Visibility
  • Reloadable Cartridge Stores 6 bits Directly in the Tool
  • Powerful 4V Max Lithium Battery
  • Standard ¼” Hex Shank Insert Bit

  • Single-handed operation with a semi-automatic gun
  • Has a screw holder
  • Reloadable cartridge for multiple bits
  • Battery and charger are included with purchase
  • Battery is up to 4-volts with an 18-month charge hold

Worx WX255.1 SD Li-ion screwdriver w/ screw holder:

3. DEWALT DW276 – Best Corded Drywall Screw Gun Review

DEWALT DW276 Review, Pros and Cons

This DeWalt DW276 drywall screw gun is a corded option that offers varying speeds with a reversible direction for taking out screws as well as putting them in.

This powerful corded option is great for those who don’t need the convenience of a cordless product.

Steel Gears

This DeWalt drywall screw gun is made to last with tough and rugged steel gears. The steel gears will last a long time and not sustain any damage even with heavy use. This allows the screw gun to be more durable.

High Torque

This drywall screw gun has a high torque that allows you to have enough power for large jobs when needed. With a higher torque than other screw guns, you can choose to use this option for heavier gauge steel studs without issue.


This DeWalt screw gun is depth-sensitive, which allows it to be more precise with screw depth to ensure that the screw does not get drill too deep into the drywall.

This also has a forget-inch nosepiece that allows for more consistent fastening depth.

Rubber Grip

This drywall screw gun has a rubber grip that allows for more comfort with a greater amount of control. This also makes using this screw gun for a longer time much more comfortable, and it allows you to use it for a long time without strain.

Main Features

  • Helical-Cut Steel & Heat-Treated Gears for Long Life & Durability
  • Excellent Ergonomics Offers Less User Fatigue
  • High Torque
  • Metal Gear Housing
  • Depth-Sensitive, “Set & Forget” Nosepiece for Consistent Fastener Depth
  • Rubber Grip & Two-Finger Trigger
  • For Deck Building, Drywall & Heavy Gauge Steel Stud Framing

  • Corded option
  • Offers varying speeds for drilling
  • Has steel gears for durability
  • Has high torque for larger jobs
  • Depth-sensitive option for more precision
  • Has a rubber grip for comfort

Drywall Screw Gun Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a drywall screw gun is a big deal, and you don’t want to buy an option that doesn’t work for you and deal with the hassle of having to return it.

So, to save you from that struggle, we have prepared a comprehensive buyer’s guide to make things easier for you. Just take a look at the most important things to consider before making your final purchase.

Corded vs Cordless

Deciding if you would like a corded or cordless option can make a big difference in price, and it can help you make your final decision faster.

Cordless options offer great versatility and portability, but that is not something that is always needed if you plan to only do projects around the house. If you will have access to a plug wherever you work, you won’t need a cordless option.

Best Drywall Screw Gun For Drilling Into Drywall Material


However, if you often do projects for friends and family members in places that require the use of a cordless screw gun, then purchasing one that doesn’t need a plug-in is your best choice.

Cordless options can often cost more, so sticking with a corded option to keep the price within your budget is another option for those who don’t need to have a cordless screw gun.


If you’re someone who does a lot of repairs and projects on your home, then getting a screw gun that is comfortable to use is important. You wouldn’t want to be working on a long project only to find out that your hands and wrists get very strained.

This could cause you not to use your screw gun as much because you have to take breaks in between uses.

Fatigue can happen if you are determined to finish a project on time, especially if the screw gun is uncomfortable to use, and you don’t want to hurt your wrists trying to work on something.

So, getting a screw gun that doesn’t cause any fatigue or strain on your hands can make it easier to get through the projects that you have to do on your home.


Not all drywall screw guns will come with an LED light that illuminates the area you’re working on, and this sets apart the good from the great.

These lights can make a major difference between getting work done in tight spots with dim lighting and not being able to see enough to get the job done. This can be frustrating when you’re getting close to finishing your project.

20V MAX XR Li-ion Brushless Drywall Screwgun Model DEWALT-DCF620B:

Searching for a drywall screw gun that has a light built-in will allow you to have a light with you at all times. This can help you see in dark spaces and allow you to work in places where other screw guns wouldn’t be able to.

This can also help you get to places like basements and attics that don’t have sufficient lighting in the area.


Should you really use a drywall screw gun?

It’s true that you can use other tools to screw into drywall, but with the fragility of drywall material, you are risking damaging the wall by applying too much force or pressure.

Using a drywall screw gun offers the appropriate depth and force that drywall can handle without putting too much on the material. This keeps from damaging the wall when hanging drywall or screwing into it.

Should drywall be hung vertically or horizontally?

If you are hanging drywall for use on a commercial property for work, then drywall is typically hung vertically.

However, for small jobs that are meant for residential properties, you will often see the drywall hung horizontally. This is due to the height of the walls, which makes it beneficial to hang drywall on nine-foot walls or less horizontally.

Via: @209jsc

How do you use a drywall screw gun?

Using a drywall screw gun is similar to any other screw gun. You will place the tip of the bit inside the pattern of the screw head.

Then, place the screw against the wall where you want it positioned and pull the trigger of the gun so that it begins to turn the screw. Stop when the screw is fully inside the wall.

DEWALT DCF620 XR 18V Brushless Collated Screwdriver:


Buying a drywall screw gun doesn’t need to be a big task, and with our top reviews showing you the features and details of the best drywall screw guns, you should be able to pick which one is the right choice for you.

Whether you need a semi-automatic option or just a basic corded item, you can find what you’re looking for easily.

Best Drywall Screw Gun

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