Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v Cordless Drill Review

Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt Review

Are you looking for a drill that is powerful enough for all of your projects?

Renovating a house into a home soon? Your answer is the Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v 1/2″ Cordless Drill.

Featuring pro-level features in a compact, lightweight and affordable design, this is a drill that won’t let you down.

Add in the extra-bright external worklight, and I’m sold! This is a really high-quality drill for a reasonable price, and it has a great warranty to back itself up!

Both homeowners and professionals love the Hitachi DS18DSAL, so let’s dive into our review.

  • Has all of the power needed to complete your projects
  • Lithium Ion battery is lightweight, lasts long and recharges in just 1/2 hour
  • On board worklight and external light helps you see your project in dark corners
  • Packs a lot of punch for the dollars, and keeps your wallet full

Overall, this is a really great drill. It puts a ton of professional level features into a mid-priced drill that is within reach of non-professional wallets! And it looks really cool too!

The few cons about this drill came mostly from heavy-duty professionals. They often mentioned that this drill didn’t have the power they needed, but in my opinion they just need a heavier duty drill.

It’s only a $150 drill, which makes it a great mid-range tool for both hobbyists and professionals that don’t have a drill in their hand 100% of the time!

It has a ton of pros, and a ton of satisfied users. Because of this, it is definitely a 5-star drill!

Ease Of Use and Feel

Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v Cordless Drill ReviewIf you want a balanced, comfortable drill, look no further. I can remember the first time that I held this drill myself.

I was working on a  show-site and the company that hired me had both DeWalt’s and 1 or 2 of these Hitachi’s.

I had used the DeWalt’s before, but my manager suggested I try to Hitachi due to it’s weight and balance.

I tried it out that day, and have been sold ever since. This is a well-designed drill!

As is expected out of a 1/2″ chuck drill, the DS18DSAL has a lot of power, but reviews state it’s not an overwhelming amount. Thanks to it’s 22 clutch positions, however, you can turn down the power when needed so you don’t wreck delicate projects or screw heads.

Most users commented on the fact that anyone can pick up this drill and become comfortable in just a few minutes. The lithium ion battery keeps the weight down, and it has a really nice feel in your hands.

Special Features

Packing a punch, this powerful drill also includes a number of really useful features. First off, it has that on-board LED worklight that I love to have on any drill I use.

Why? It can illuminate your screw or pencil mark and make it much easier to hit your target in a dark corner. Very useful indeed!

This Hitachi also has a well-placed and useful belt clip, and we can’t forget to mention the included external worklight that works off of the same 18v lithium ion battery as the drill.

The belt clip is really a lifesaver when you’re climbing up and down ladders, so remember that next time you’re handing your Christmas lights!

For around $150, you really can’t beat this drill with a stick!

Target User

The DS18DSAL is designed and best for the heavy-usage homeowner and the medium usage contractor. Sure, it’s not a Hilti or other big contractor brand, but for the money it’s a really great drill. It’s really tough and has a ton of great features, making it a great choice.

Reviewers that were homeowners stated that they absolutely love this drill. Since the package comes with 2 batteries, you’re off to a great start and never have to stop working as long as you keep 1 battery on the charger at all times.

Users stated that they completed renovations, automotive work, furniture building and home building with this tool. The Hitachi DS18DSAL has a lot of professional features in a small, reasonably-weighted and priced tool. Buy it today on Amazon!

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  • Model: DS18DSAL
  • Brand: Hitachi
  • Type: Cordless Pistol Grip Drill
  • Voltage: 18v
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Chuck Size: 1/2″
  • Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Worklight: Yes
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 year tool, 2 year battery

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