Best Hollow Wall Anchor

Best Hollow Wall AnchorHollow wall anchors or molly bolts come in handy when you need to hang something on your wall like a photo frame, mirror, shelf, or piece of artwork.

They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Given that molly bolts have different load-carrying capacities, it’s a good idea to first know the weight of the item you want to hang before you can figure out what molly bolts to buy.

Some hollow wall anchors can support up to 100 pounds (45 kg) and others can support only about 10 pounds (4,5 kg). For safety reasons, buy molly bolts that can comfortably support the object you want to hang.

That said, buying hollow wall anchors is not easy. There is a wide variety of molly bolts to choose from.

Some are of good quality, some are not. To get the best hollow wall anchor make sure to read reviews to see what users are saying about the different types.

Top Pick


All of the choices that we have picked for this list are great for a number of reasons, but one of these hollow wall anchors stands out among the others. That’s why our top choice is the ISPINNER 52PCS-JT . This option is a great option for hanging items on a wall with its 3 most used sizes, strong bearing capacity and safety.


  • High quality zinc plated carbon steel
  • Kit of 52 pieces
  • 3 most used sizes
  • Strong bearing capacity and safety
  • Rust & corrosion resistance

This anchor includes all features that you will need to hang some things on a wall. With all the great features that this anchor includes, the one thing that it doesn’t come with is the ability to purchase itself for you.


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In the meantime, here is a list we have compiled of some of the most highly-rated hollow wall anchors in the market. It is a small list to help you get started, and we have also included a buyer’s guide which you might find helpful.

Hollow Wall Anchors Comparison Chart


1/8SD x 35 mm (0,31 x 1,38"), 1/8SD x 46 mm (0,31 x 1,81"), 1/8SLD x 59 mm (0,31 x 2,32")
Weight capacity: 40 lbs (18 kg)

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Qualihome HRD2-PN (2)Qualihome HRD2-PN

22 mm (7/8"), mm (1"), 32 mm (1 1/4"), 38 mm (1 1/2"), 41 mm (1 5/8")
Weight capacity: 10 lbs (4,5 kg)

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Glarks GLLAZXMB-32 (2)Glarks GLLAZXMB-32

32 mm (1,25") 4 mm (0,16")
Weight capacity: 100 lbs (45 kg)

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What is the Best Hollow Wall Anchor February, 2024?

1. ISPINNER 52PCS-JT – Best Hollow Wall Anchor Review

ISPINNER 52PCS-JT Review, Pros and Cons

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The INSIPINNER products are well-liked because they are of great quality, and they are well-engineered. The hollow wall anchors by ISPINNER are some of the most popular and as you guessed it, it’s because they are well-made and reliable.

This set consists of 52 anchors of 3 different sizes. It should not be difficult to tell what anchor to use because you can pretty much tell from their sizes. They are not labeled, which would be helpful, but this is not too much of an issue.

The hollow wall anchors are made of carbon steel and are plated with zinc to help prevent rust and corrosion, and increase durability. As for the design, the anchors have a strong bearing capacity for stability.

These anchors are suitable for drywalls, plasterboard walls, and tiled walls, and they can support items like coat racks, photo frames, lamps, and power switches.

It would not be advisable to use the anchors to hang heavy objects like a heavy mirror or shelf since their load-carrying capacity is limited to small and lightweight objects. Some users have expressed that the anchors bend easily.

So again, use them only to hang lightweight objects for safety purposes.

Set consists of an assortment of anchors
Made of carbon steel and plated with zinc to prevent rust and corrosion
Strong bearing capacity
Stable and reliable
Suitable for drywall, tiled walls, and plasterboard walls
Ideal for hanging photo frames, power switches, lamps, and coat racks

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2. Qualihome HRD2-PN – Best Hollow Wall Anchor Review

Qualihome HRD2-PN Review, Pros and Cons

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The Qualihome molly bolts are ideal for home use. You can use them to hang small and lightweight objects around the house.

The kit comes with an assortment of screws and anchors. Six anchors and four screws to be exact and, the anchors come in a variety of colors and sizes.

They are made of high-quality plastic, and they have ribs to keep them steady during installation. Despite their plastic build, the anchors are quite strong.

They are strong enough to support photo frames and other small and lightweight items. We don’t recommend that you use them to hang anything that weighs over 10 pounds (4,5 kg).

The anchors have a low load-carrying capacity. So safety purposes, keep to the weight rating of the anchors.

The build of the anchors is strong and sturdy. They are durable and although you might expect them to break easily because they are plastic, the plastic construction is quite tough and rigid.

They are easy to install, but we don’t recommend you use a drill bit to screw them into the wall as they might get stripped. Use a hammer or even your hands depending on the material of the wall to screw them in.

Overall, for the price, these anchors are great for hanging small items.

Made from high-quality plastic for strength and stability
The kits consist of an assortment of anchors and screws
Easy to install
Suitable for drywall and plasterboard walls
Ideal for hanging small and lightweight objects

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3. Glarks GLLAZXMB-32 – Best Hollow Wall Anchor Review

Glarks GLLAZXMB-32 Review, Pros and Cons

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The Glarks heavy-duty molly bolt kit consists of 32 anchors of the same size. They are 4x32mm in size (0,16″ x 1,25″), so they are suitable for panels that are 3 to 12 mm thick (0,11″ to 0,47″).

They are constructed from carbon steel, and they are zinc plated for strength and durability. The solid construction offers ample support for heavy objects that weigh up to 100 pounds (45 kg).

Installation is easy. The company recommends you use hollow wall guns for the installation to get better results.

These anchors are suitable for hollow blocks, drywall, tile, and plaster. They are ideal for hanging power switches, curtains, lamps, coat racks, and photo frames.

Made from steel and plated with zinc for strength and durability
Resistant to rust and corrosion
Strong and sturdy
Can support up to 100 pounds
Ideal for drywall, plaster, tile, and hollow block
Easy to install and uninstall
Reasonably priced

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Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right hollow wall anchor is not that easy. Molly plugs vary in size and strength, and they are made from different materials.

The most commonly used molly bolts are metal wall anchors because of their rigidity and strength. They can support more weight than plastic wall anchors, and they are more stable and reliable.

Plastic hollow wall anchors are great when you need to hang lightweight objects.

Plastic anchors 2

But while they are durable to some extent, they are not as strong as metal anchors. Therefore, it is not advisable to use plastic anchors to support heavy objects unless you are using something extra together with the anchors to help with the support.

That being said, when choosing a molly bolt, you need to consider a few things before making a purchase.

Object being hang

Plastic hollow wall anchors are ideal when you need to hang small and lightweight objects like a photo frame. But for bigger and heavier objects like a large mirror, heavy shelf, or bicycle, it’s best to go with metal molly bolts because they are stronger and offer better stability.

Considering object being hang

Also, it is important that if you are hanging a heavy object having an extra support system in addition to the anchors can help provide better support and stability. You cannot rely completely on wall anchors to support heavy objects.

Wall Type

The type of wall on which you want to hang your object matters a lot when selecting a wall anchor. Hollow wall anchors are commonly used in drywall, plasterboard walls, and fiberboard walls. They can also be used in tiled walls.

However, they are not ideal for concrete walls because they are not designed for solid walls. If you want to hang something on a concrete wall, you need a concrete anchor.

Load-Carrying Capacity

The most amount of weight a hollow wall anchor can support is about 50 pounds (23 kg). A plastic molly bolt supports even less than that amount of weight.

So check the weight rating of the anchors before buying them. If you buy a wall anchor without first checking how much weight it can support, it could end up being a costly mistake. Therefore, check first the weight of the object you want to hang before buying a molly bolt.

Material used

Molly bolts are made from different materials, but the most commonly used material is steel.


Many steel molly bolts are plated with zinc to make them resistant to corrosion and rust. They are also capable of supporting items that weigh over 50 pounds (23 kg).

Some are made from plastic, but the strong and tough kind of plastic that does not break easily. While plastic hollow wall anchors are great for hanging lightweight items, they are not suitable for items that weigh over 50 pounds (23 kg).


Most molly bolts come in sets, and depending on how many pieces there are in a set may determine the cost.

Most molly bolts come in sets

Most sets are fairly affordable, but, we recommend you get a set that comes with a large assortment of wall anchors if you are on a tight budget.


Most people love to hang photo frames, shelves, art, and other objects on walls as a way to save space or for aesthetic or sentimental reasons. The good thing is that wall anchors make it easy to achieve this with little effort and without a big budget.

What’s important is choosing a wall anchor that is suitable for your wall type and that can support what you want to hang. If you buy the wrong one, you could end up paying for more than a new set of wall anchors.

Best Hollow Wall Anchor

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