Milwaukee 2897-22 Review

Milwaukee 2897-22 ReviewIf you are like me, you find often find yourself working on projects that consist of tough materials such as concrete, hardwoods, and masonry.

I have to admit that there have been times that my power tools have struggled when drilling and fastening into these types of surfaces.

The jobs had to be done, however, so I fought my way through while pushing myself and my tools to the limit.

It was at those times that I could have used something like the Milwaukee 2897-22 kit. This powerful combination of hammer drill and impact driver would have saved me on bits, fasteners, money, and time.

Presenting The Milwaukee 2897-22 Kit

Milwaukee 2897-22 Review, Pros and Cons

While there are many drill/driver and impact driver combination kits on the market today, this entry from Milwaukee tools is promising as one of the most powerful packages in its class.

Each of the power tools runs on 18-volt lithium batteries that should provide that power for a longer period of time.

Another consideration is that the hammer drill is designed to be more compact than other products in its range, as is the impact driver.

These tools would be a great match for a tradesman who is in need of high torque capabilities, especially in tight spaces.

The power offered may be more than is needed by a homeowner doing simple DIY projects or home-workshops where a less-powerful set of tools would suffice.

Milwaukee 2897-22 Features

Compact Size

The hammer drill 2704-20 measures only 7.75-inches in length, making it one of the shortest cordless drills of its type. What that translates to is the ability to access a spot for drilling or fastening that other hammer drills cannot.

Milwaukee 2897-22 has the Hammer Drill 2704-20

Workers should appreciate this easier access that prevents extra strain on their body and their power tools.

The 2753-20 impact driver is also designed for small spaces. In fact, at 5.25-inches in length, this snub nose power tool is almost as short as the battery’s footprint.

Milwaukee 2897-22 has the Impact Driver 2753-20

It can operate in spaces that are extremely limited, which can come in handy when having to drive long fasteners between wall studs or floor supports.

Powerful Brushless Motors

Another stand-out feature on the power tools in this kit is their use of brushless motors. That means these tools will run more efficiently and will last longer than a motor that employs brushes.

That efficiency can reach over 80-percent, with more energy being applied to the speed and torque of the motor. It should be pointed out that the use of brushless motors in these tools is more than likely part of the reason that you will pay more for them at the store.

Speed and Torque

For compact products, both power tools supply ample speed and torque for heavy-duty jobs.

The 1/2-inch hammer drill is advertised as the most powerful 18-volt drill on the market. Delivering up to 1,200 inch-pounds of torque and capable of speeds ranging up 2,000 RPMs, it appears to back up that claim.

The 1/4-inch hex driver is not lacking either, with a maximum torque rating of 1,800 inch-pounds with a top RPM rating of 3,000.

Both devices use the Milwaukee M18 battery platform, which equates to lithium battery longevity. That means that they will supply these impressive numbers for a longer period of time when compared to power tools that use other types of batteries.

Large Range of Bits and Drivers

The 2704-20 uses a 1/2-inch chuck, which will offer you a wider selection of bits and drivers when compared to a 3/8-inch product. This chuck is a single sleeve ratcheting device that locks, providing plenty of gripping power when working on hard surfaces.

Milwaukee 2897-22 has 1/2-inch chuck and 1/4-inch hex head

The 2753-20 makes use of a 1/4-inch hex head which is standard in the industry. With a hex head design, it should provide plenty of holding power on driver bits as you work long fasteners in solid surfaces.

Designed for Controlled Applications

Control over how you drill shouldn’t be sacrificed with either power tool. The hammer drill and impact driver are both equipped with RedLink Plus intelligence that help to prevent damage to the devices from overheating as well as overloads.

While the hammer drill does provide an adjustable clutch, what really stands out in this package is the control provided by the impact drill. It is equipped with a four-mode drive control that allows you to pick the range of maximum RPMs and torque power.

Milwaukee 2897-22 has a RedLink Plus intelligence

This can help to limit fasteners like self-tapping screws from walking as you drive them. Proper use of the settings will also limit the problems of overheating, stripping, and breaking of fasteners.

Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Impact DRIVE CONTROL™ – Commercial Carpentry Applications:

Powerful Battery Platform

Nothing seems as frustrating as batteries that lose power fast, requiring you to stop for recharging. The M18 battery platform from Milwaukee is intended to limit that with the use of their 18-volt lithium batteries.

Both power tools are equipped with REDLITHIUM batteries that provide a longer charge and a longer lifespan than typical lithium products.

Milwaukee 2897-22 has a Powerful Battery Platform and two REDLITHIUM batteries

Each battery pack provides 5.0 amps of power, something that will be needed when using large bits or driving long fasteners. These power tools can use the compact version or the extended capacity range that offer a longer operating time between charges.

It should be pointed out that the batteries supplied are not the extended capacity type.

Milwaukee Support

Unlike many bargain brand manufacturers, Milwaukee maintains an extensive presence online. This includes their website, social media pages, as well as YouTube channel.

The company has established itself as a top-tier name brand over the decades that is favored by professionals as well as casual users of their product line. They offer multiple avenues of contact for questions and support.

For the tools offered in this kit, the company provides you with a five-year limited warranty. While the limited warranty is standard in the industry, the five-year window is not.

These products are made in America and that means that North American customers should have little to no difficulty in contacting Milwaukee during reasonable hours during the day.

Kit Comes Ready-to-Go

Unlike some offerings out there, this combination kit includes everything that you will need to start working right away. It includes two batteries that can be used in both tools or used in a single tool with back-up.

Milwaukee 2897-22 is a combination kit

This shouldn’t be overlooked, as a second battery allows you to continue working once the first battery runs out of charge. A charger and storage case with handle are also included.


If this kit offers more power than you will need, there are alternatives that are worth considering.

1. Bosch CLPK232A-181 Review

Bosch CLPK232A-181

The Bosch CLPK232A-181 drill set does offer a driver and standard drill.

At 7-inches, the cordless drill does offer an extra 1/4-inch of clearance when compared to the Milwaukee set.

Each of the batteries included here generate 2.0 amps of power, which is step down from the REDLITHIUM line.

It includes a bag instead of a hard case for carrying the tools as well.

2. DEWALT DCK240C2 Review


Dewalt offers a DEWALT DCK240C2 combo kit that makes use of 20-volt batteries instead of 18-volts.

They are 1.3 ah, however, which will generate less energy than the REDLITHIUM product line.

These tools make use of built-in LEDs that help to shed light in tight spaces.

They have a 20-second delay before turning off automatically. This kit also comes with a bag and not a case.

3. Makita XT269T Review

Makita XT269T

Makita XT269T combo kit comes with a hammer drill as well, and it is capable of generating up to 2,000 RPMs.

Both power tools generate less speed and torque than the Milwaukee kit at a range that casual users can justify.

The tools do weigh more than the Milwaukee set does, but they come at a lower price point.

Final Thoughts

There are times when extra speed and torque are needed within a tight space. That can be an issue with many power tools. The Milwaukee 2897-22 combo kit helps to address those issues.

If you are working in cramped conditions at home or at work, these compact designs will offer you the ability to still drill or fasten in places that your other tools might not fit into. They will also generate enough power to tackle heavy-duty jobs.

If you want a more detailed look, make sure to click here.

Milwaukee 2897-22 Review

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